• Andrea West

Back to School Blues

Next week is the start of Preschool for many, including Hullabaloo Academy. While this can be a very exciting time, it can also lead to a little distress in some children, especially if this is their first year in preschool. Here at the Hullabaloo Academy, we recommend the "band-aid method", that is, saying a quick goodbye, detaching yourself and exiting. Experience tell us that once the parent is out of sight, they are actually quickly out of mind. Many parents spend the morning wondering if their student ever engaged or even stopped crying only to come at pick up time and have their child not want to leave (that's the best, isn't it??)

As a parent of an adult child, I know that parenting toward independence is one of the hardest tasks a parent faces. I can also tell you how rewarding it is to recognize your child as an adult making pretty decent adult decisions. It's hard to believe, but your child learning that (1) you'll come back for him and (2) he can have fun and learn and socialize just fine without you, is actually a step toward adulthood and independence (insert "it goes by so fast" here). posted this article with several great tips for helping with Back to School anxiety. What other tips do you have for moms?


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