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Math Monday - The Number 4!

Nothing is more fundamental to math than learning numbers! Since today is May 4th (the 4th, it is [said in the best Yoda impersonation possible]), we figured we would concentrate on the number 4 today - this is an easy tie in.

Remember, if you are attempting any form of homeschooling for your preschooler, keep it simple! Begin your time by showing your preschooler the number 4. Ask them to count with you to the number 4. You can also ask them what number comes before the number 4 and what number comes after. This might be the only activity you make it through today, and that's okay! But if you want more, check out these ideas below:

1) Send your child on a 4s Scavenger Hunt. Ask them to bring you 4 of various items you might have around the house (ex: four spoons, four pieces of paper, four legos - you get the idea). This game could actually go on for hours!

2) Take a blank piece of paper and write a line of 4s across the top, ask your preschooler to trace the number with a crayon or a highlighter. If they are able, ask them to write a line or two of 4s below the top line.

3) Set your alarm on your phone for anytime that will have the number 4 in it - 9:04, 10:40, 11:34 - do as many as you like. When the alarm goes off, have your child grab it and point out the 4 on the phone.

4) Feeling adventurous? Grab the shaving cream and cover an area on a table, or even outside, and have your child draw the number 4 with their fingers. This activity will probably digress quickly into something else and that's okay! You're keeping them occupied for a few minutes!

5) Get your preschooler up and moving by calling out motions and asking them to do each 4 times! For example, hop 4 times, clap 4 times, give me 4 squats, run to the couch and back to me 4 times! The possibilities are endless!

We want to hear from you! What activities did you do? Was your preschooler into it or did they resist? Make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook in your Quarantine Preschool adventures!

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