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Math Mondays - Shapes

Preschool Math is all about the fundamentals - laying a good ground level in which your child will build on in years to come!

Today we want to focus on Shapes!

Shapes help with learning to count and identifying numbers and letters. Review the shapes with your preschooler, as you point to each side of a shape, count the number of sides. Ask your child to count along! Next, write out the alphabet and ask your child what shapes they see in each letter. They may have to use their imagination a bit, and this is a great teaching tool too! You'll be using shapes to teach your child to analyze and organize!

Learning shapes also helps with the art and drawing. Start by looking at various pictures - these can be in a book, or photographs or even art that might be hanging on your wall in your home. Ask your child to study the picture and list all the shapes they see. Again, your child may have to use their imagination. For example, flowers in a vase can be broken down to the triangle of the vase, the circles and ovals in the flowers, maybe even rectangles found in the stems of the flowers! For your older preschooler (3-4 year olds), draw the various shapes on a page and let them make tick marks by each shape as they see them in the picture.

Teaching shapes, as with so many other concepts for preschoolers, is all about repetition. And we know that children all learn differently! Look for various ways to introduce shapes to help figure out your child's learning method.

Visual, auditory, and verbal learners may love to watch this playlist on YouTube.

Khan Academy is also a great resource! Maybe your child is a physical or social learner, this may mean that putting them in front of a screen just won't work and you or a friend will need to spend some time review shapes - maybe even making or purchasing flashcards, giving rewards as they progress!

What success (or even failures, we all have them) have you had teaching your child shapes?Comment below!

We would love to see how your child does learning their shapes! Be part of the Hullabaloo community and tag us in the pictures you take of your Math Monday! Be sure to use the hashtag #saveyourselfthehullabaloo

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