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Quarantined Homeschool for Preschoolers

It seems we are entering week 1,432 of quarantine and maybe you've attempted to "homeschool" your preschooler yourself. Now, we know, the reason you've chosen Hullabaloo as your preschool is because you would in fact, like to save yourself the Hullabaloo! But if we can't teach your child in person, our next best option is to give you as many tools as possible to help keep your child on track while they are at home.

Tip #1: Limit the STRESS!!!

These are unprecedented times for all of us. Recognize up front that you will have good days and you will have bad days. When it comes to teaching your preschooler at home, keep it simple! Choose 1-3 activities and if you encounter an activity your child doesn't respond well to, don't force it!

Tip #2: Try a Routine

Some kids live by a routine. Others don't need as much structure. At Hullabaloo Academy we stick to a structured routine, while allowing plenty of time for free play. While you're at home, consider instilling a daily routine, wake up at the same time, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, etc at the same time each day. Allow some structured time as well as free time of play. A change of routine, if one is needed, may take some time adjust to - so if the first couple days of your new routine doesn't seem to be working, give it a few more days! (And in keeping with Tip #1 above, if the routine approach becomes too stressful, limit your stress by nixing it!)

Tip #3: Give Grace

As mentioned above, these are unprecedented times. Like adults, preschoolers deal with stress differently. If your child is exhibiting behavior changes, most likely it's due to the stress of the times. Try to help your preschooler deal with the changes by naming their emotions. If they are acting sad, state clearly, "You seem sad." Make a sad face, and encourage them to make their best sad face. Tell them the opposite of sad is happy, can they make a happy face, too? Reassure them by explaining we all feel sad at times, tell them about a time you were sad (make the sad face again and encourage them to do the same.) Then tell them about a time you were happy. Pro tip: If your child is in the middle of a temper tantrum, don't attempt this interaction. Wait until they have calmed down!

Proactively, when they are happy, point out this emotion and its opposite. Teaching preschoolers about various emotions helps keep them feeling safe and secure. This includes all emotions, worried, sad, happy, anxious, fearful, excited, etc. When you're watching t.v. point out the different emotional reactions you see to ensure your preschooler everyone experiences emotions! It's how we've been created!

Above all, remember to give grace. Give grace to your significant other during these times, they are probably stressed about the financial uncertainty of these times, give grace to your children as they're dealing with the emotional uncertainty of it all as well as picking up the stress that may be in your home, and most importantly, give yourself grace!

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